west wind gymnastics club

REC fun meet

• DECEMBER 3, 2022 •

West Wind Winter Fun Meet 2022

Our WEST WIND RECREATIONAL FUN MEET is a unique opportunity for your child to show off their talent and demonstrate all that they have learned at West Wind Gymnastics.

This event is for all Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Rec T&T participants!

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– Practice Videos for Each Level – 

Beginner 1 BARS

Beginner 1 BEAM

Beginner 1 FLOOR

Beginner 1 VAULT

Beginner 2 BARS

Beginner 2 BEAM

Beginner 2 FLOOR

Beginner 2 VAULT

Beginner 3 BARS

Beginner 3 BEAM

Beginner 3 FLOOR

Beginner 3 VAULT

Intermediate 1 BARS

Intermediate 1 BEAM

Intermediate 1 FLOOR

Intermediate 1 VAULT

Intermediate 2 BARS

Intermediate 2 BEAM

Intermediate 2 FLOOR

Intermediate 2 VAULT