Trampoline & Tumbling, also called T&T is a competitive program made up of the following events:

  • Individual trampoline: A gymnast performs both a compulsory and voluntary routine.
  • Double mini trampoline: A gymnast performs two skills on a small trampoline before landing on a mat for the perfect stick landing.
  • Power tumbling: Similar to Artistic gymnastics floor routines; innovation of sprung floor allows for higher, more frequent tumbling.

At West Wind Gymnastics, we believe that developing the character traits of an athlete are just as important as developing the skills.  Our athletes learn the values of hard work, discipline, accountability, perseverance, determination, good sportsmanship and contributing to a positive team environment on top of their gymnastics skills.  We invest in our athletes just as much as we ask them to invest in their training.   

T&T trains year-round with flexible training commitments in July & August.  T&T Athletes must have a tryout before being invited to join.  Athletes who are not accepted into the competitive program might be invited into the pre-competitive or recreational T&T programs.

If you are interested in the T&T program we would encourage you to join a session of Recreational T&T or a half day Rec T&T Summer camp.

Please contact our office if you are interested in scheduling a private tryout.

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

Pre-Competitive Trampoline and Tumbling

Practice Days & Times

Monday & Fridays

Total of 3 hours a week

6 hrs. per week of training.

Athletes have the choice of these practice times:

Monday 5-8 , Wednesday 5-8, Friday 4-7

Parent volunteering & fundraising required

9 hrs. per week of training

Monday 5-8 , Wednesday 5-8 and Friday 4-7

Parent volunteering & fundraising required.

Most athletes attended 5 competitions this year

We are offering two half-day T&T Recreational camps designed for beginner to advanced tumblers who have never competed in trampoline and tumbling before.  This would be similar to our T&T Recreational or Pre-competitive training classes.  We welcome any interested athletes to join us for these afternoons to see what Trampoline & Tumbling is all about!  To register, go to our CAMPS page and you can find the details and registration under SKILLS CAMPS!