Recreational Classes for 6&Under

Things to Know Before You Join!

Updates to our cancellation, refund and credit policies. 

As of March 1, 2021, WWGC will not be issuing refunds or credits of any kind including but not limited to tuition, AGF and registration fees. By enrolling, you understand that by knowingly registering your child(ren) in a program during the Covid-19 Pandemic, that WWGC has no control over a forced closure and therefore will not be issuing refunds or credits of any kind. If WWGC can not continue run the class structure for any reason, they will offer an alternative service to complete that current month’s programming and then will not bill the following month of a closure.


Continuous Gymnastics With Monthly Billing:
  • After you have paid your nonrefundable, annual AGF Fee, your account will be billed on the first business day of each month after your initial enrollment unless:
    • You come in before the first of each month to pay an alternative way
    • You complete the one month’s notice of withdrawal form which is located on the footer of our website or by clicking HERE.  Once we receive your withdrawal submission, you will be billed for the next month before your athlete’s spot will be forfeited.
    • or up until June of every year, whichever comes first.
  • We offer a 10% Sibling Discount
Advancing Levels or Switching Classes
  • Our monthly programming will resemble more of competitive team structured practices.  We find more value for the coaches and athletes if they are continuing to progress with a consistent coach and group of athletes.
  • Coaches will be continuously watching their athletes master and progress skills, and so your athlete could potentially advance levels every month if he/she is excelling at a rapid rate!
  • Changing Classes:  If you would like to switch classes for a coaching reason, schedule conflict or your child needs to move up or down a level, we can do that without having to wait for a new session!
  • Advancing: We are going to do our BEST to have our coaches be coaching three consecutive levels/ages on the same day so that when your athlete is ready to advance, they won’t skip a beat because they can just move to a later time slot on the same night with their same coach, and will hopefully see familiar faces of others that have also advanced from their previous class.

AGF Insurance Updates

AGF Year runs from July 1,2020- June 30, 2021

Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) Updates

AGF, Alberta’s Governing Sports Organization, requires all coaches, clubs, and athletes to pay an annual membership and insurance fees.  The annual membership renews every July 1st.  Any athlete joining a program, camp or team after this date is required to pay the annual membership fee and sign a new waiver.  The basic membership fee is $55 per athlete.  Trampoline focused classes start at $95 per year.

Trampolines are once again covered in our insurance

Our recent insurance policy renewal has just re-instated trampolines into all of our recreational programs! This is fantastic news and we are working on certifying our coaches with the proper trampoline courses.  This ensures our club and coaches are minimizing any risks so that our insurance fees do not raise, and trampolines will hopefully remain in our coverage for the years to come!


Online Waivers

AGF’s new insurance policy also allows us to accept online waivers! Click HERE to complete a waiver for your athletes (and yourself if you are a parent participating with your child in a Parent & Tot Class!)  A new waiver must be completed every year.

Parent & Tot Classes are your child’s first opportunity to explore gymnastics in a fun, safe and parent-participated class.  Parents will ALSO be required to complete an online waiver for the parent participating in the class, as well as for the athlete.



Preschool & Kindergym are your child’s first opportunity to explore gymnastics on their own.  We do not having testing or skill levels in these programs as we want the focus to be on gymnastics FUN-damentals.


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