Women's Artistic Competitive Teams

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XCEL is a great progression from recreational classes if your gymnast is excited about the possibility of transitioning into a competitive program.

There is one competitive level in XCEL (XCEL Bronze) where gymnasts will receive the structure and coaching required to succeed in a competitive network without the financial or hourly investment of our Junior Olympic programs. As a parent, you have more flexibility in your commitment level and hours of training per week.

XCEL is a ten month program and requires parent fundraising.   Click HERE to see our XCEL Program Parent Handbook


The Junior Olympic (JO) program contains 8 competitive levels (JO3-10) where athletes strive to compete throughout Alberta and qualify for Team Alberta at the Western and National levels.

JO Athletes train anywhere from 2-20 hours per week with a strong focus on obtaining the strength and flexibility required to master the vault, uneven bars, beam, tumbling and dance.

Our Junior Olympic Program is a ten month program and requires parent volunteering and fundraising.   Click HERE to see our Competitive Program Parent Handbook

Sign up for XCEL HERE!

XCEL is a ten month program and requires parent fundraising.   

Sign Up For WAG Competitive Training HERE!

This is a ten month program and requires parent fundraising and volunteering. 

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) is a  highly disciplined, perfection based sport.  Athlete’s train year-round to perfect and compete their routines on the four events listed below.  Athletes are given flexible training commitments over July & August but encouraged to train as much as possible to learn skills of higher difficulty.  For more detailed information about this discipline, check out Gymnastics Canada’s website.
At West Wind Gymnastics, we believe that developing the character traits of an athlete is just as important as developing the skills.  Our athletes learn the values of hard work, discipline, accountability, perseverance, determination, good sportsmanship, and contributing to a positive team environment on top of their gymnastics skills.  We invest in our athletes just as much as we ask them to invest in their training.
Women’s Artistic Events
  • Vault: Gymnasts fly through the air executing precise twists and somersaults over a table shaped structure.
  • Uneven Bars: Gymnasts perform continuous movement between two raised bars of uneven height resulting in a series of swings, twists, somersaults and handstands.
  • Balance Beam: Rhythmic and fluid, dance and acrobatic movements are performed across the length of a 4-inch wide beam.
  • Floor: Creative dance elements and tumbling maneuvers performed to music utilize the entire floor space.

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